About Us

Huge Games is a free online games site that is designed to bring all of the biggest games all together to one home, giving you the chance to be able to find some of the most impressive games that are available to date without the need to search high and low on the internet.

We are a small, self-funded website that are simply devoted to making sure that we are offering you not only a vast selection of free online games for you to play whenever you want, but also to make sure that we only feature the very best gaming titles, meaning that we are sure that you will have great fun while playing on the site.

From time to time you will see a few in-game advertising placements at the time of loading of a couple of the games, these are there due to game developers looking to make a little revenue themselves for the time that they have taken to create the game that you are about to play, we should stress that we do not control any of the content on those ads or the sites that you may end up on, so advise you to only exit the site outside of the gameframe itself, or we can hold not responsibility of the content that the resulting site displays.

In order to make sure that not only are we looking to provide you with the only website that you need to remember when it comes to free games online, we have collated a team of avid gamers to not only test and review each of the games that we add to our site but also to maintain their own category of games, meaning that we have games being added to the site all of the time, keeping your site fresh and relevant!

Unlike some of the bigger gaming sites out there, we have entered into the market with the aim to simply provide you with the very best free games without the need to even sign up to the site to play them and without a huge marketing budget to try to claw back through extensive advertising such as pop ups or pop unders, we offer you clean and easy to use online gaming without the need to pay a single penny.

However we do display advertising on the site, which will be viewable by the indicators on the ad placements, these are sites that are using respectable PPC advertising companies and we do have the chance to be able to prevent companies from showing their ads on our site, so should you spot anything that you think shouldn’t be shown, let us know and we can investigate.


The only rule that we have here at onhuge.com is:

Always have fun while using the site and if you did you have to tell others, if you didn’t you use the contact form to tell us why!


Thanks for dropping by and we look forward to helping you pass the time!

The GR Team!