Terms and Conditions

As onhuge.com is an independently owned website, we are not associated with any governing bodies, however we do maintain a high standard of moderation surrounding the advertising and content that we place on our site to ensure that we are able to cater for as wide of an audience as possible.

By using our website you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions during your usage of the site and understand that should any of these rules be breached, the site will take action to ensure that you are unable to access the site again as well as reporting any criminal activity to the relevant law enforcement institute.


You understand that the copyright of the games or the characters held within the games are owned by their respective owners
You agree not to use bad language, whether that be swearing, racist or aimed in anyway to deter another users gaming experience on our site
You understand that the site needs to run advertising in order to maintain the free nature of the website and agree that should any advertising be found to be unsuitable for a site of this nature, to report it via the contact us page in order to allow us to investigate the matter and take appropriate action
You understand that none of the gaming files other than those owned specifically by our site are retained on the servers that we use, instead the games are framed into our site to comply with relevant regulations and guides surrounding the use of copyright material

Should you find any copyright infringement that you believe to affect you directly, you agree to notify the editor of the website to provide proof that you infact do own the copyright of said instance in order to allow the site to remove and report the infringement as per site policy


Although these rules above seem to cover pretty much everything that we can think of right now, we would like to stress that this page could be altered at any time by the owners of this website and advise that you check regularly in order to see any additions that are made to the listing.